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Our mail-order business, Die Circukiste, founded in the autumn of 1996 in Cologne, is now 20 years old.

Andreas Kleffmann / Dirk Jürgens

Based on our experience in many children and youth circus projects we currently carry over 1400 products in our range. You can find our artistry and juggling program, articles in the fields of magic, make-up, gymnastics, puppets, sports, games, therapy, all Winther children's vehicles, the pedalo system, literature and DVDs, unusual musical instruments and much more.

Our 31 years of experience in the circus and play area is available for you. We are ready to provide you with theoretical and practical support for Circus and play actions.

Now something fundamental – we see ourselves as a specialized trade, we use and try the things in fact that we offer, and we are for that reason not just another mail order shop. As part of our office hours from 09:00 am to 5:00 pm you can always get phone detailed advice to the sometimes challenging props and items, which also applies to any email request you can do on our products detail pages.

We are not in any social network, we have no like or +1 button, no followers and we are not tweeting – for good reasons. Maybe we're just too old, but we believe, many of these developments are also a lot of hot air, and we just sell things, that you should take out into the fresh air, for real use, to learn and to experience. We do not have the time, to sit in our office following social networks. And even after 5:00 pm, we often can not stay away from our articles, because we still juggle ourselfes very happy, hanging in the aerial ring, or ride a unicycle in the real world, and listen to the real birds chirping.

This site is clearly arranged to show a high quality offer, where our customer explicitly can request subject-specific and in-depth information to any article, before and after purchase. This we call also today a retailer.

This is exactly, why we do not want to outsource to sales sites, such as Ebay or Amazon, where ultimately only the price is the selling point.

That is our note, we look forward to more satisfied customers.

Dirk Jürgens und Andreas Kleffmann

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