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If you ordered already by the domain www.diecircukiste.de , there will be not great change in the new shop.

Your discount data and address we have already pointed out, only the login process is different now.

Stammkundenzugang - Passwort

As you are supposed to manage your account yourself in future, the old password you used on the domain www.diecircuskiste.de is no longer valid.

We deposited your last emailadress, you used in our old shop.

You can now order using this emailadress a provisionally passwort , that you can change afer confirmation to your own wishes.

If this does not work, please feel free to contact us, we will install your account oursides with your former conditions.

All institutions, associations, schools, churches, municipal bodies, which are non-profit or socially active, who want to order with 10% discount, first install a new account .

Institutionen - Kontoeinrichtung

If your input data is verifiable, we will set up a customer access with 10% discount and payment on account – but only for german adresses.

Even if you order directly through the newly established account, we will confirm in our confirmation of order your discount of 10% immediately – if your input data is verifiable.


The product display provides all relevant information on all our items.

You can find all the product features and in the form of a traffic light, the availability of the article. We can not always guarantee, that all product versions are completely in stock. In certain cases, you can resolve this easily via product questions.

This also applies to the costs of our bulky items, that we always deliver freight prepaid to the german border. freight costs will be nessesary behind german border only, and are calculated correctly only after expenditure. These costs, you can request in advance.

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